Costa Rica keel-billed toucan

Big News, Big Nightmare

The usual pitch black of the jungle night was broken by a soft white glow coming off the giant point counter hovering above my bed. With every sleeping breath and ...

sunset on playa hermosa

What I’m Not Saying

Long time no blog. I have my reasons for disappearing. One normal, the other is something I've been struggling with so much that it has silenced me.

costa rican sand flea monsters holding flag in sand

16 Things I Learned in Costa Rica That I Never Imagined I Would Ever Need to Know

You want me to do WHAT?! Drive where?! Eat that?! I can't believe the things I learned in Costa Rica- new skill sets, high tolerance... pura vida mae!

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big dog barking at tiny puppy

Puppy Cuteness Overload: A Photo Essay

The story of Mali the Chuweiner and Mocha the Pittweiler

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the mosquito that carries dengue has white spots on its legs

How to Have Dengue Fever and Not Even Know It

I wasn’t aware of all the symptoms for Dengue Fever, so when I got sick, I thought it was the flu or a poor diet – anything but Dengue.

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Surprised by a Thief in a Tropical Thunderstorm

It was the middle of the night during a fierce tropical thunderstorm, I heard a weak scratching at the cabin door. I peered out the window but couldn’t see anything on the porch…

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green spiny lizard in my sink in costa rica

Photos: Creatures That Creep Through My Treehouse

Photos of the Costa Rican creatures that have been creeping through my open-air treehouse in the jungle

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Secret Playa Cabuyal, Northern Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Well Known Beaches and Hidden Gems of Northern Guanacaste

A glimpse into the offerings of the popular beaches and the hidden gems of Northern Guanacaste, Costa Rica – some of the finest beaches in the world!

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my mini-fridge in my treehouse in costa rica

My Love-Hate Relationship with my Mini-Fridge

Would you rather have a giant fridge in your living room or a tiny fridge in your kitchen? Keep in mind – the living room is for hooping. Also, nothing fits in a tiny fridge.

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English homework from a student in costa rica

More FAQs about teaching English in Costa Rica

Employment terms, best time of year, types of acceptable certificates for teaching English in Costa Rica, average salary, how long it takes to find a job

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