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Nom nom nom. Food in Costa Rica is amazing! This topic covers recipes, and information on vegetables, produce, fruits, and cooking in Costa Rica.

cutting the guineo

Super Secret Sauce Ingredient: Guineos!

Guineos are an important ingredient in a lot of delicious Costa Rican sauces, but what are they and how do you prepare them?

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dinner in puerto viejo

My favorite restaurants in Puerto Viejo

Fantastic restaurants in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

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noni fruit

Noni fruit sucks!

Noni fruit is reported to have miraculous life prolonging properties, but you need a gas mask to cover the odor and 10 tons of sugar to disguise the putrid taste.

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Costa Rican Christmas Tamales

Every good Tico eats tamales for Christmas (Navidad) and this year I not only ate them, I learned how to make them.

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Costa Rican Dolce Gabbanas for Pelulu

Bizcochos Dolce Gabbana

Imagine our surprise this morning when we opened the fresh bag of bizcochos and found Dolce Gabbana Bizcochos for the doggies!!! …

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River meets ocean

Weekend in Montezuma, Nicoya Peninsula

Before I left for my vacation to SC, Julio and I took a weekend trip to Montezuma and did some exploring around Santa Teresa and Mal País. We took the new highway, Autopista del Sol, to Puntarenas to catch the ferry across the Golfo de Nicoya.

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Rich red earth, vibrant green plants, dark blue skies

Julio’s Big Birthday Adventure, Off-Road to Playa Jaco

…breakfast in Orotina (the fruit capital of Costa Rica), explore the mountains, stop for lunch in a restaurant in the middle of the jungle, explore more mountains, and then arrive in Jaco early afternoon to enjoy some sun on the beach…

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