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If you are contacting me to pitch a story, collaboration, or partnership, there are a few things you will need to do if you want a response from me: 

1. Know who you are pitching to. This is a blog about being an expat and digital nomad in Costa Rica. I only publish articles or advertise services that I believe are helpful to my readers.

2. Include a synopsis of your proposed article or ad.

3. Include your budget.

4. Tell me what service or product you are selling, who you represent.

If you send a message without the above details, I will not reply. I get multiple pitches per day and it is a complete waste of my time to reply to ask those basic three question above because 99% of the time if you have not included that info in your initial pitch, you are selling crap or want something from me for free and a relationship will not work out. Thanks for understanding!

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