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Leaving the United States, but First, a FEMA Disaster

Shielding my eyes from the piercing rain, I looked up to discover the source of the crash – a towering pine tree silhouetted black by the purple urban night sky. Its branches pierced vertical. Its trunk lay horizontal, disappearing into my roof and reappearing out the other end of my house.

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Expat Interview: Tiger Baby

Tiger tells us about her 7 years in Costa Rica, her 4 husbands, and her 20 years in Japan and traveling the world as a dancer, Alaska pipeline welder, personal trainer, translator, and home health nurse.

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Goodbye Mocha

A lucid dream, a tough decision, the saddest day I’ve ever had, and the hardest thing I’ve ever written. I had to put my dog, Mocha, to sleep.

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expat in Costa Rica I'm Erin, artist, writer, nature lover. In 2010, I quit the cubicle to seek a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. Join me as I tell tales of letting go and starting over in Costa Rica.

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