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Expat Interview: Tiger Baby

Tiger tells us about her 7 years in Costa Rica, her 4 husbands, and her 20 years in Japan and traveling the world as a dancer, Alaska pipeline welder, personal trainer, translator, and home health nurse.

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Gyno Groupons, Crashing Country Clubs

So we have this thing here in Costa Rica called Yuplón (Jewp-lahn) and it’s just like Groupon in the States. Well, almost like Groupon. The big difference is that in addition to normal deals, Yuplón also sells medical treatments. Last week, they advertised a women’s checkup for $50. Gyno exam, pap smear, blood work, consultation with a nutritionist, boob ultrasound and mammogram if you need it. My friend Stacey and I bought it. We figured it was too good of a deal to pass up, but that it also might be better to take advantage of it together in...

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expat in Costa Rica I'm Erin, artist, writer, nature lover. In 2010, I quit the cubicle to seek a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. Join me as I tell tales of letting go and starting over in Costa Rica.

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