We have an interesting neighbor. He won the Costa Rican lottery and bought the house across the street from us. I don’t know what he did for a living before he won the lottery, but now he is in the fruit business. He goes to the big farmer’s market everyday and loads up on yummy fruits and avocados, then he sells them to the smaller markets around town (there is at least one on every street block in Alajuela).

Why does this matter? Because everyday he comes home with a pickup bed full of produce. Yesterday we bought 6 mandarins, 4 mangoes, 4 avocados, and 10 pomegranates for only ₡ 3500 ($7 US). 🙂

Costa Rican fruit: pomegranates, avocados, mandarins, and mangoes

Granadas, aguacates, mandarinas, y mangos.