I thought I would leave at 3pm, ended up leaving around 11pm instead, should have given myself a week. Everyone was correct – I am crazy. Thanks to Winnie D. for being a trooper and not complaining about how long it was taking. Maybe you stuck around for the sweet ride? 😉

Yes, we commanded respect with the Commander.

Renting is always fun – we rented a Jeep Commander and it was super fun to drive! (Even if I did have to break down the giant dog kennel to fit all my stuff.)

We arrived at the hotel uber late, and after only a few hours of sleep, I decided to let a comatose Winnie D. sleep in while I took a whiney Mocha to the Continental Cargo Bldg to check-in for her flight. I got her there early, got the kennel together in the rain, and then proceeded to somehow cause the Jeep to go into lock-down mode with Mocha in the car. After a few minutes of absolute terror, I figured it out, or rather the Jeep fixed itself.

I got Mocha checked-in and she instantly made friends with her travel partner – a drug dog that was “too friendly”. The government was shipping him off to Montana to work search and rescue instead…I hope he never has to rescue a pothead. FYI the Continental reps at the other end of the animal help line are full of misinformation and way too uptight about it. The actual guys that processed Mocha’s check-in were very laid back.

Here are some photos of Mocha’s journey. I’m glad I got to see her actually being loaded on both planes – it was kind of like seeing your luggage on the conveyor belt and being happy it’s not lost.

Mocha on the runway @ CAE, on the way to Costa Rica

Mocha @ CAE

Mocha's plane ride to Costa Rica

She sat by herself in the spot in that 1st pic for like 30 minutes

Samurai at San Jose airport in Costa Rica

Julio has us all packed up on the Samurai @ SJO

Mocha in our home in Costa Rica

We are home! Here is Mocha making herself at home in Lulu’s bed.

And here is my Moving Day Oscar speech:
Special thanks to friends and fam for helping me move – Sonya and David, Uncle Pat, Uncle Mike, Snatches, the Grands, the Rents, and Winnie D! I could not have done it without you!