I woke up today with the throat ickiness that the people in our neighborhood seem to be passing back and forth. Julio had it a couple weeks ago and was quick to offer up a solution to this problem – he suggested we go to the private doctor immediately, so I could get a “shot in my ass”.  OK, I’m game.

Mocha and Lulu came with us. It was Mocha’s first ride in the Festiva, she must have liked it because she did not whine. SHOCKER.

dog with a really long tongue

We walked right in, there was no wait and no paper work to fill out. Check out the audience I had while I got three shots of something called Axtar in my butt:

Dogs inside the doctor's office

That’s right, Mocha and Lulu came into the doctor’s office with me.

The doc also put drops in my ears and sent me off with 2 different kinds of oral meds to take for a couple days. She understood that Julio and I did not want any sickness to interfere with our beach trip to Puerto Viejo (we are leaving tonight for a couple days). It is our favorite place, but I manage to get hurt every time we go there. Last time I almost severed my big toe from my foot…in front of the freaking hospital.

Julio’s related somehow to this doc (and everyone else in Alajuela), so she gave us a few dollars discount. Today’s doctor bill was under $15. And this was the private doctor, who is suppose to be expensive. Incredible. Would have been over $300 in the US.