I’m starting a new topic – Photo of the week…or day, or hour…like a snapshot in time. I came up with the idea because I have a ton of photos that I love and they don’t necessarily have an elaborate story behind them, but I want to remember their place in my life. I want to separate them from the folder full of 600 other photos from that week.

To start it off, I’m posting the view from my office window. I have been seeing this scenery a lot lately since I have been working so much. It’s not the kind of image that first comes to mind when you think about Costa Rica unless you have lived here among Ticos, outside of the tourist destinations.

In this photo, the rainy season is starting and the storm clouds are rolling in over the Central Valley, blocking my view of the mountains and turning my world into rusty tin roofs, iron gates, and cinderblocks.

view from a window in costa rica

I took this photo with my iPhone and played with it using one of my favorite toys, Camera+, the awesome iPhone app.