So where the heck have I been the past 3 months?! Not online, obviously.

I’ve been breaking up with the boyfriend, moving (three times), and starting a new job. BUSY. I’ve been too busy and emotionally exhausted, but now I’m settled, feeling good, and back online.

I’m still in Costa Rica – I love it here!

I will be writing about my moving experiences. I am now very familiar with several different areas in the Central Valley in terms of living advantages / disadvantages. I had to move around a few times before I found my perfect situation. I’m now extremely happy with my new home and so is Mocha!

New job. I’ll be writing about that, too. I decided to try my hand at teaching English in Costa Rica for 3 reasons: 1. for a new experience, 2. to see what all the hype was about, and 3. to meet some new people.

That’s my quick update. Here’s a photo of another beautiful sunset, this time it’s from the balcony of my new home in Costa Rica 🙂

Costa Rica sunset