It will be a sad day when we say goodbye to our Little Red Rollerskate, or as Julio likes to call it, the Lamborghini. But we have to do it – we are selling the 1989 Ford Festiva in order to pay the import taxes on the Toyota. Currently, the Toyota is sitting in a Costa Rica customs warehouse, or as I like to call it, jail. Pobrecito. (more on the drama of importing the car to Costa Rica later)

used car for sale Costa Rica

The Ford Festiva has been with Julio for 6 years now, he was the only owner in Costa Rica and has treated it like a baby. It is a great car for Costa Rica because it is tough and holds up well on those bumpy roads, the parts and repairs are inexpensive, and it gets great gas mileage.

This Ford Festiva has:

  • automatic transmission
  • brand new suspension
  • brand new tires
  • an alarm
  • air conditioning
  • luxury rims
  • very comfortable Honda Civic racing seats
  • CD player with aux input
  • a gas engine
  • 182800 miles (that’s only about 8000 miles driven per year)

Asking price: 1,750,000 Colones (approximately 3,500 USD)

We really don’t want to sell this car. But we have to. If you are visiting or living in Costa Rica, you can ride the bus, rent a car, or buy this awesome Festiva. We want the Festiva to go to a good owner, so pass this along if you know anyone shopping for an inexpensive, quality, used car in Costa Rica.

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing this Festiva.

You can also check out the listing in with more photos here: Ford Festiva for sale

good used car for sale