2013 goals in Costa RicaIt’s the middle of February and I’m posting my goals for 2013. It’s not procrastination, it’s pura vida.

1. Redesign De la Pura Vida website.

haha I already did this. I still have some tweaks (mainly fix squished up thumbnails), but for the most part I am done. I also have plans to organize it better, make an ebook and add more content about living a location independent life. If you are reading this from your inbox or rss reader, it won’t look different, so hop on over to www.delapuravida.com to check out the new design and let me know what you think!

2. Transition from working for someone else to 100% working for myself.

haha I already did this one, too! I enjoyed teaching English part time, but having to be in a certain place at a certain time every single week was majorly cramping my style. My traveling style, that is. I am now free to travel around Costa Rica as much as I want and I have been totally taking advantage of that. The difficult part is going to be the discipline that it takes to be a full time freelancer.

3. Surf.

I’m embarrassed to say that I have lived near the ocean my whole life and have never surfed. Well, I’ve body surfed or boogie boarded, which I LOVE, but I’ve never surfed with a surf board. I think it would be fun. I’m just a big wuss when it comes to deep water, though. This year, I will conquer that fear and at least attempt to surf!

4. Start drinking coffee without sugar.

I eat healthy, but when it comes to coffee, I pour like 1 or 2 spoons of sugar in each cup. I’d rather eat that sugar in a dessert. I think if I just stick to primo coffee, like Doka, I can drink it black. It’s expensive, though, so I hope the freelance gigs keep coming in.

costa rica fruits

I eat my fair share of fruits.

5. Eat more dark green things.

ok, so my diet is lacking here. I started this week by adding broccoli to my meals. I wish the spinach here wasn’t so bitter…

6. Minimize my stuff.

My 3-year living in Costa Rica anniversary is in March. In the 3 years I’ve been here, I’ve accumulated 2 cars packed full of stuff plus a mattress, computer chair, and a table and chairs. UGH – just typing that out made me feel weighted down. I feel better, though, knowing that at least 1/4 a car load of junk is English teaching supplies and I can go ahead and get rid of it! Any ideas for what I should do with them?

7. Make more videos.

I WANT A GO PRO VIDEO CAMERA. I do soooo much cool stuff that I could share if only I had that awesome camera strapped to my head… or my car!!

8. Visit Tortuguero.

One of the few places in Costa Rica I have not visited yet.

starfish in bocas del toro

Bocas del Toro is a string of islands off Panama’s Caribbean coast. Clear blue waters, an abundance of wildlife, and a bohemian calypso vibe = yes please!

9. Visit Bocas del Toro, Panama.

I’ve almost made it there 3 times, but got distracted in Puerto Viejo. I have too much fun in Puerto Viejo!

10. STOP getting distracted by Facebook!!!

I have business on Facebook, but every time I go there to conduct the business, I get distracted by the notifications or messages or whatever someone’s puppy is doing or the latest Costa Rican meme etc etc etc and then I forget why I came to Facebook in the first place, so I’ll get on chat or Skype and the next thing I know, 30 minutes has passed. This. Has. Got. To. Stop.

What are your goals for 2013?