The promise of an unforgettable experience was generously gifted to a friend of mine the other night near the infamous prostitute hotel, Del Rey, in downtown San José. She was walking home when she passed by a smiling man wearing a cowboy hat. He was passing out pieces of paper, which is not uncommon. She wasn’t sure what it was, but just accepted it assuming it was a party flyer or something religious that would soon be discarded. She took the card and said “gracias.”

Then she read it.

I think this might be the funniest business card I have ever seen. It is funniest in Spanish, I’ll do my best to translate it…

front side of the funniest business card I have ever seen, a man advertising himself for a date





I would like to invite you TO DINE in some Karaoke

someday. Please call me and don’t be afraid,

you can bring another girlfriend. See note on back.

Sincerely, Tony

back side of the funniest business card in Spanish, a man offering to take a girl out to karaoke

NOTE: In the case that you call during the following

24 hours of receiving this card, you shall

be entitled to a photo of me when I was

a newborn baby. 🙂


Now if it turns out that you are engaged,

make one of your single girlfriends happy

and pass this card to her. If you do it, you will be granted

300 heavenly indulgences. 🙂


Approved by the Association of

National and International Handsome Men


Now, having read this, I bet you are wishing I didn’t white out the man’s phone numbers so you could call him for dinner and karaoke, right? 😉