Meet my mini-fridge. I love it. I hate it.

my mini-fridge in my treehouse in costa rica

My landlord offered me a full-size refrigerator, and I turned it down because I don’t want a refrigerator in my living room. I’m also teaching myself to eat fresh food. UGH. Nice in theory, but do you know how hard it is to buy a head of lettuce and wash it and eat it all in one or two days, by yourself?! I’m running a business or three here, I don’t have time to wash produce everyday.

What I used to do was buy produce and meats in bulk, then wash and freeze or refrigerate everything once every week or two. I’d cook meals for the week in one day and store it all in the fridge. Not in that tiny thing!

Pricesmart has these huge bags of frozen blueberries yummmm and healthy! Nope, can’t have those. I don’t even have a freezer now. I hate this mini-fridge.

But I love it. Inevitably, all that frozen produce and the leftovers I would store in my massive fridge would go bad before I could finish all of them, so they would go in the trash. Not anymore with this mini-fridge! I now starve more often than throw food out. Plus, it’s great for my lifestyle of frequent traveling – I never have to worry about having food that might go bad while I’m out of town because there isn’t anything in there to begin with.

I struggle almost everyday with changing my mind and accepting the larger fridge, in my living room, but I just know I wouldn’t be able to help myself and I’d fill it up with crap and forget it was in there.

I kind of like this forced learning of a different lifestyle, but it might be driving me insane. I mean, look, I just wrote a blog post about a refrigerator. Who does that?