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You all met the Chihuahua – Jack Russell puppy, Mali, when she showed up on my doorstep.

chihuahua daschund puppy playing in green grass and yellow flowers

I wondered if I would keep her…for like a whole two seconds. I mean, look at her. She is the same height as the grass. She is a pocket dog.

So far I have taken 583 photos of her.

puppy biting the camera lens cap

She helped…

puppy trying to bite camera

She helped a lot.

As you can imagine, she has tried chewing on everything: my camera, my shoes, bugs, mice, a jungle squirrel…

puppy chewing on metal

this yummy metal stake,

puppy laying in big dog's bed and chewing on her toys

Mocha’s toys, Mocha’s bed.

So how are Mocha and Mali getting along?

desperate looking dog

Well, it was a little rough at first. Mocha doesn’t like other dogs in her personal space,

puppy running by in a blur, big dog laying down in background

but Mali didn’t care.

big dog barking at tiny puppy

She persisted in following Mocha everywhere. Mocha would try to get Mali to back off with her bark,

puppy brought squirrel chew toy to big dog to play with

so Mali would bring her the favorite squirrel toy.

puppy stole squirrel toy from big dog

Then she would take it away.

Mali might be smarter than Mocha, but she still takes lessons from her.

puppy and big dog stare off into space

Like this important lesson on how to be an old senile dog staring down the steps at nothing.

puppy holding big dog's paw

Now they are the best of friends. Mali is the first dog that Mocha has allowed in her pack without jealousy. Maybe it’s because Mali is so young, plus super smart and sweet. Or maybe Mocha is so old, she forgot she always wanted to be my only dog.

dogs sleeping together

They always sleep together. Grandma dog naps and young puppy naps run on a similar schedule.

Mali always has to be touching Mocha,

dog feet intwined during nap

even when it’s too hot to cuddle.

The cuteness is ridiculous around here.

I’m raising this puppy

I raised Mocha a loooooong time ago, so I’m reading the dog whisperer’s book: How to Raise the Perfect Puppy. I’m up to week 8 in the book and according to Cesar, I’ve done everything wrong so far. I bet there are many ways to do it right, though.

What’s your number 1 tip for raising a puppy?