For the entire six months I have been living in Costa Rica, Julio and I have spent most of our free time away from home exploring Costa Rica or inside our home, remodeling. Side effect: the outside of our home has been neglected.

I walked outside today to assess the damage, but was surprised to realize that the garden had been tending itself! All  of these luscious plants grew when I wasn’t looking – Hello rainy season!

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During the rainy season, the earth really comes alive and the landscape changes drastically. Everyday, I can walk outside in the morning and discover a new flower or see the rich variant greens of the rainforest foliage spreading further up and out. And here in Alajuela, we get sun until about 2 or 3 in the afternoon and then it rains, or pours, into the night, so there are very few days that it rains all day long.

Thank you Costa Rica rainy season for tending my garden.

Pink Ginger Lily, Costa Rica

Pink Ginger Lily, Costa Rica

My garden is not only benefiting from the rainforest, but from the volcanoes as well. All the plant and animal life here in Costa Rica is exceedingly abundant – the volcanic eruptions have very richly fertilized the soil. In fact, Costa Rica is home to almost 6% of the entire world’s biodiversity. Impressive, seeing as how the country is less than 1% of the world’s land mass.

All this new growth is very inspiring and I took quite a few photos of our yard today. Thought I would post a few to the blog. If anyone knows the names of these plants, please comment or email me so I can update the captions, thanks!

Tiny yellow flower and clovers

Tiny purple flower growing out of the grass

Long, pink spiky flower

Tiny green insect

The tip top of an ornamental baby pineapple, Costa Rica

The tip top of an ornamental baby pineapple, Costa Rica

This pineapple did not quite make it. It's pretty, but dead. And still effortless on my part!

This pineapple did not quite make it. It’s pretty, but dead. And still effortless on my part!

Crazy purple bumpy plant

Light yellow flower growing on the trunk of a plant

Rainforest Plant, Costa Rica

Go Pineapple Go!

Go Pineapple Go!

Rainforest Clover, Costa Rica

Rainforest Clover, Costa Rica

Rabbit's Foot Fern, Costa Rica

Rabbit’s Foot Fern, Costa Rica

Advantage of Living in a Costa Rican Rainforest: Effortless Gardens!