Within the shadow of mighty Irazu Volcano, lies the haunted Sanatorio Carlos Duran. Built in 1915, it was originally intended as a peaceful place where patients suffering from tuberculosis and leprosy could spend their last days. Throughout the years, the sanatorium/hospital was converted from medical facility to orphanage to  insane asylum.

In 1973, Volcan Irazu’s eruption forced the residents off of the property, well, the living residents that is. There have been numerous reports of paranormal activity encountered on the asylum grounds from the residents living in and around Cartago. Experiences vary from eerie sounds, strange shadows, feelings of sadness, items being thrown from the rooms, as well as the sight of a ghostly nun wandering the halls.

The legend of Sanatorio Carlos Duran is so prevalent, that the American SyFy channel’s Ghost Hunters International came to Costa Rica to feature the sanatorium in one of their episodes. What do you think? Are you brave enough to tour the haunted halls?

haunted hospital and sanatorium in Costa Rica