— Updated November 2017 —

When I first traveled to Costa Rica for vacation, shopping was the last thing on my mind. I was enthralled by gorgeous beaches, erupting volcanoes, cute baby sloths, and class 5 rapids. Well, after traveling here for ten years and living here for eight, I have had enough time to shop around and find the best things to buy in Costa Rica, my favorite Costa Rican souvenirs.

1. Coffee coffee coffee

At first, I made the mistake of thinking that any coffee at the grocery store was good coffee, but little did I know that most of the good stuff is exported out of Costa Rica. The majority of the brands on the shelves in Costa Rica are not export quality and many contain additives such as sugar. However, there are two brands that can be picked up in the grocery store that are delicious: Café Britt and Volio. Volio is the least expensive, but can only be bought in Automercado, Megasuper, and sometimes AMPM. Café Britt can be found in all the grocery stores, offers a variety of roasts, and can be ordered online. You can also stock up in the airport while you wait to board your plane.

My absolute #1 favorite brand is Taza Amarilla, but you have to get it at Fería Verde or one of very few small stores in the Central Valley. Doka Estate is my #2, specifically the peaberry (delicious!). They have been growing and perfecting their coffee for three generations (tres generaciones), since 1940. This gem of a coffee can be bought in souvenir shops, directly from Doka Estate, or online.

2. Pura Vida Stickers!

pura vida palm leaves and monstera watercolor stickerI make these and sell them right here on my site. I’m really excited to offer a variety of custom designs. The first run is this custom palm leaf and monstera watercolor design. The sticker is about 4″ x 3″ and super durable – scratchproof and weatherproof for up to 5 years. Please if you order one take a photo and send it to me so I can see my art out in the wild!

2. Books about Costa Rica that I’ve come to treasure

Cover of a book about Costa RIca's National Parks - a frog at night in front of a starry nightsky backdropJust recently published in November 2015, National Parks of Costa Rica is one of my favorite books! It features stunning photographs and provides an unparalleled glimpse into the treasures of Costa Rica’s parks. With spectacular images and informative text, National Parks of Costa Rica imparts an appreciation for the richness of nature and the importance of environmental conservation.

The best Costa Rica bird book field guideOf course, I also have to include The Birds of Costa Rica: A Field Guide. It’s a compact, portable, and user-friendly field guide the novice or experienced birder needs to identify birds in the field in the diverse habitats found in Costa Rica. It was updated in December of 2014 and has the most gorgeous detailed illustrations of Costa Rican birds. I love flipping through it and remembering all the birds I saw and the stories of what I was doing when I saw those birds.

Cover of a Costa Rica photo book showing the whale's tail in UvitaI have another favorite: Costa Rica From Above produced in 2015. It shows Costa Rica as never before seen – 300 aerial photographs taken in small airplanes, helicopter, ultra lights, gyrocopters, NO DRONES. It is a work of extraordinary images that show a diverse country, full of contrasts. I love flipping through it and seeing the places I have visited from a different point of view, so beautiful!

3. Bio-Land beauty products

Inconspicuously hanging out on the lower shelves in the grocery stores, Bio-Land produces an array of organic body products such as soaps, lotions, masks, creams, balms and gels. The company is committed to respecting the health of human beings and their environment, so I can feel good about purchasing their product as well as using them! So far my favorite Bio-Land products are the Organic Fruits Anti-Free Radicals Hydrating Cream, the Volcanic Clay Purifying Mask, and the Organic Aloe Vera Soap (I travel everywhere with it!). Bio-Land personal products cost between $3 – $13 and some can be purchased online at the links above.

making chocolate in costa rica

4. Chocolate mmmmmmm

costa rican souvenir - chocolatesBuy some freshly made chocolate on a chocolate tour, which will take you through the steps of making chocolate – from cultivating the cacao to tasting the final product. Bonus is that you get to purchase chocolate directly from the farmer and producer and maybe even you helped make it. An experience not to be missed for fellow chocolate lovers! If you don’t have time for a tour and want to purchase a package of ready-made chocolates, pick up a box of neatly decorated Sibú from the grocery store. The chocolates are made from 100% organic cacao, the packaging is made from recycled materials, all the ingredients are produced locally, and they work with the Rainforest Alliance. Sibú says “Save the planet…it’s the only one that has chocolate.” You can also find Costa Rican chocolate online.

costa rican souvenir - boruca masks

5. Carved wooden masks

Costa Rican masks come in a variety of styles: Bright colorful masks depicting red-eyed tree frogs or leopards, devils sticking their tongues out, or naturally-colored wooden masks with turtles or landscapes. I love all of them and they make beautiful pieces of art for any home. You can find these masks in just about every souvenir shop around the country. Price and quality will vary depending on location ($25 – $400). My favorite place to pick these up was in Puerto Viejo until I found out I could get them in Boruca, from the indigenous people who make them. If a trip to Boruca isn’t on your itinerary, they can be found in many souvenir shops.

pura vida merchandise - clothing, cell phone skins and cases, beach towels, travel mugs

6. Pura Vida Souvenirs – Clothing, Tech Gear, Home Decor and Accessories

I make art. Some of these pura vida designs are mine! I create the art and then a company like RedBubble manufactures it and ships it. I take custom requests if you have a vision and want me to make it a reality, contact me – erin at delapuravida dot com. Peruse all the pura vida art here.

sloth shirts

7. Sloth Shirts

Who doesn’t want a pocket sloth? Or a Mayan Space sloth? Don’t let those pecs and biceps fool you ladies – sloth shirts are also available for women and kids in tank tops, onesies, dresses… Shop sloths here.

Those are my top seven. What about you? Have you picked up or received any Costa Rican souvenirs that didn’t make it on my list?

*Some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means I get a fee if you buy from that link. The cost does not go up for you. I only recommend products and stores I have actually used and have thoroughly tested over time.

A List of the Best Souvenirs from Costa Rica