In November, I took a new job as Editor in Chief for The Costa Rica News. Taking on a busy role like that is the exact opposite of pura vida, but oh well, I did it anyway. What can I say…I love projects! And I’m really enjoying it, especially now that the redesign is complete and I have a new staff of writers.
web design before and after

While my days have been busy and my attention mainly focused on my computer screen, there has been something amazing happening outside here in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. Rainbows! I feel like I am living with the Care Bears because there has been a huge rainbow arcing over Alajuela almost every single day for the past month.

costa rica rainbow


It’s not uncommon to see rainbows in Costa Rica, but it is unusual for them to be so big and persistent. Many days, the rainbow hangs out for the entire afternoon, shifting its location in response to the sun dipping below the horizon and then finally transforming into a brilliant sunset as dusk sets in.

Costa Rica sunset

So while I am back on the computer all day like I was in the States, I’m not going to forget where I am and let this beautiful, amazing paradise go unnoticed. I suppose I can say that is my New Year’s resolution… respect the rainbows!