So we have this thing here in Costa Rica called Yuplón (Jewp-lahn) and it’s just like Groupon in the States. Well, almost like Groupon. The big difference is that in addition to normal deals, Yuplón also sells medical treatments.

costa rica groupon

Last week, they advertised a women’s checkup for $50. Gyno exam, pap smear, blood work, consultation with a nutritionist, boob ultrasound and mammogram if you need it. My friend Stacey and I bought it. We figured it was too good of a deal to pass up, but that it also might be better to take advantage of it together in case it turns out to be some creep copping feels in a back alleyway.

I’ll let you know how that goes…

Other offers I have taken advantage of include 48 wings for $24 and a day at the spa for $30. The spa was inside of a country club with a giant swimming pool and a real, heated Jacuzzi (hard to find in Costa Rica!). The woman working in the spa gave me her card and offered to let me use the Jacuzzi whenever I want. I’m not sure why. That seems awfully generous. Was something lost in translation?

I was also told I might be able to use the tennis courts without being a member. Apparently all I have to do is show up one morning and talk to the manager and ask if it’s okay to use them when no one else is. This could be true, or it could be the passive Tico way of saying “No.”

It’s most likely a “No,” but if I can start playing tennis again regularly, my life will be complete. I’ve been trying to accomplish this ever since I moved to Costa Rica. Tomorrow morning, I am going to the club, dressed in tennis gear, ready to play, to beg for some court time. Or maybe I should sneak on to the court and then beg after I get caught?

Wish me luck.